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Skills for a modern Ukraine

Ukraine’s economic progress has been uneven since the start of the transition in 1991. Productivity is low partly because of the slow pace of market-oriented reforms and the misallocation of the...
Region/Country: Ukraine Type: Publication Year: 2017

What do teachers know and do ? does it matter ? evidence from primary schools in Africa

School enrollment has universally increased over the past 25 years in low-income countries. However, enrolling in school does not guarantee that children learn. A large share of children in low-...
Region/Country: Africa Type: Publication Year: 2017

Can solar lanterns improve youth academic performance ? Experimental evidence from Bangladesh

This study conducted an experimental intervention in unelectrified areas of northern Bangladesh to investigate the effectiveness of solar products in improving children's educational achievement. It...
Region/Country: Bangladesh Type: Publication Year: 2017

Pedagogy versus school readiness : the impact of a randomized reading instruction intervention and community-based playgroup intervention on early grade reading outcomes in Tonga

[Impact Evaluation] Identifying cost-effective interventions to improve early literacy is vital to developing countries, given the importance of early literacy for an individual's future education...
Region/Country: Tonga Type: Publication Year: 2017

Building and sustaining National ICT/education agencies : lessons from International experiences

National ICT/education agencies (and their functional equivalents) play important roles in the implementation and oversight of large scale initiatives related to the use of information and...
Region/Country: WLD Type: Publication Year: 2017

Dynamics of child development : analysis of a longitudinal cohort in a very low income country

Longitudinal patterns of child development and socioeconomic status are described for a cohort of children in Madagascar who were surveyed when they were 3–6 and 7-10 years old. Substantial wealth...
Region/Country: Madagascar Type: Publication Year: 2017

Results-based financing in education : financing results to strengthen systems

Result-based financing (RBF) captures the essence of how the World Bank Group (WBG) is implementing its education strategy, Learning for All. The strategy emphasizes learning (rather than just...
Region/Country: WLD Type: Publication Year: 2017

Private provision of education : opportunities for emerging markets

The private sector plays an important role in emerging market countries with limited education capacity by providing quality schooling at all levels, from early childhood development to tertiary...
Region/Country: WLD Type: Brief Year: 2017

SABER Teachers Kyrgyz Republic Country Report 2011

This report focuses specifically on policies in the area of Teachers.
Region/Country: Kuwait Type: Education System Assessment Year: 2017

SABER Early Childhood Development Swaziland Country Report 2013

This report focuses specifically on policies in the area of Early Childhood Development.
Region/Country: Swaziland Type: Education System Assessment Year: 2017