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Enhancing Shared Prosperity through Equitable Services

Year: FY18 ID: P161373 Region/Country: Ethiopia Status: Active

Solomon Islands Community Benefit Sharing Pilot Project

Year: FY18 ID: P153986 Region/Country: Solomon Islands Status: Active

Enhanced Vocational Education and Training Project II

Year: FY18 ID: P163018 Region/Country: Nepal Status: Active

Central African Republic Emergency Basic Education Support Project

Year: FY18 ID: P164295 Region/Country: Central African Republic Status: Active

China: Guangdong Compulsory Education Project

Year: FY18 ID: P154621 Region/Country: China Status: Active

Burundi Early Grade Learning Project

Year: FY18 ID: P161600 Region/Country: Burundi Status: Active

Cote d'Ivoire: Education Service Delivery Enhancement Project

Year: FY18 ID: P163218 Region/Country: Côte d'Ivoire Status: Active

Ethiopia General Education Quality Improvement Program for Equity

Year: FY18 ID: P163050 Region/Country: Ethiopia Status: Active

Investing in Nutrition and Early Years

Year: FY18 ID: P164686 Region/Country: Indonesia Status: Active

Moldova Education Reform Additional Financing

Year: FY18 ID: P156657 Region/Country: Moldova Status: Active