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Employment Support Project for Syrians Under Temporary Protection and Turkish Citizens

Year: FY18 ID: P161670 Region/Country: Turkey Status: Active

Building Statistical Capacities in the Ministry of Education

Year: FY18 ID: P165120 Region/Country: Guatemala Status: Active

Mali Reinsertion of Ex-combatants Project

Year: FY17 ID: P157233 Region/Country: Mali Status: Active

Sindh Enhancing Response to Reduce Stunting

Year: FY17 ID: P161624 Region/Country: Pakistan Status: Active

Poverty Reduction Support Credit III

Year: FY17 ID: P151502 Region/Country: Liberia Status: Closed

Education to Work Transition Project Additional Financing

Year: FY17 ID: P158951 Region/Country: West Bank and Gaza Status: Active

Chad Education Sector Reform Project Phase-2 Additional Financing

Year: FY17 ID: P163740 Region/Country: Chad Status: Active

Mexico Higher Education Project

Year: FY17 ID: P160309 Region/Country: Mexico Status: Active

Providing an Education of Quality in Haiti (PEQH)

Year: FY17 ID: P155191 Region/Country: Haiti Status: Active

Transformation of the Tertiary Technical and Technological Institutes Project

Year: FY17 ID: P157425 Region/Country: Ecuador Status: Active