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Supporting Egypt Education Reform Project

Year: FY18 ID: P157809 Region/Country: Egypt, Arab Rep. Status: Active

Senegal-Quality Improvement and Equity of Basic Education - AF

Year: FY18 ID: P163575 Region/Country: Senegal Status: Active

Odisha Higher Education Program for Excellence and Equity

Year: FY18 ID: P160331 Region/Country: India Status: Active

Additional Financing for Energy Efficiency in Public Facilities Project (PRESEMEH)

Year: FY18 ID: P165585 Region/Country: Mexico Status: Active

Jordan Education Reform Support Program

Year: FY18 ID: P162407 Region/Country: Jordan Status: Active

Zambia Education Enhancement Project

Year: FY18 ID: P158570 Region/Country: Zambia Status: Active

CASA1000 Community Support Project - Kyrgyz Republic

Year: FY18 ID: P163592 Region/Country: Kyrgyzstan Status: Active

Madagascar Basic Education Support Project

Year: FY18 ID: P160442 Region/Country: Madagascar Status: Active

SL Supplemental Financing for the PTSC-I

Year: FY18 ID: P165639 Region/Country: Sierra Leone Status: Active

Quality Learning for All Program

Year: FY18 ID: P162619 Region/Country: Bangladesh Status: Active